Saturday, February 26, 2011

9/50 Pillows 10/50 Easter Wreath

9/50 Pillows Pillows Pillows

10/50 Easter Wreath

First step is cutting the paper

Painting the base
Mod Podge - I wouldn't recommend this! It was crazy messy - I think I would do it differently next time around but I did like the end result.

Lots of hot gluing!


Thanks Jesa for organizing my craft area! Love it Love it Love it!!!!!!


  1. you made it look like we hot glued my fingers haha!

    youll want to add a header to your posts! itll be easier for me to click on them when I see you in my feed.
    When you do a new post just add to the part that says "title"

    I havent found a spot to hang mine yet! I dont have very many places it could go, so I'll have to figure that out tomorrow.

  2. Thanks - I saw the "title" but felt very "uncreative" tonight! Still getting used to writing on this and not feeling 100% self-conscious! Sometimes I feel at a loss of words!

  3. I love how your wreath turned out, that's adorable!